In-House Noise

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How to keep friendly neighbours

In houses or flats, sound proofing measures are often insufficient.
Neighbourhood noise is the biggest problem.

  • All over Europe, a significant portion of the population complains about noise from neighbours.
  • Noise can negatively affect human well being and health:
  • Excessive noise levels can affect mental concentration and become an obstacle to normal activity. At extreme levels, they generate pain and loss of hearing.
  • Of all interior noise, sound spill from shared floors is seen as the most annoying.
  • The choice of the “right” floor covering can make a crucial contribution to sound proofing.
  • It’s not without reason that cars, trains and planes have carpet for better sound insulation.
  • Carpet absorbs more sound from neighbours than any hard flooring.
  • Reverberation time is half that of hard flooring.
  • With carpet, impact noise is reduced by 25 to 34 dB compared to only 1 to 6 dB with laminate. This makes the difference between noise and tranquillity.
Level of impact noise improvement (dB) comparing
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