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Reduced risk, safe feeling
  • Flooring can be a risk factor for slips and falls, especially in high traffic areas like offices, shops, restaurants, airports (including access piers to aircraft), etc.
  • Older people are more fragile. When designing homes or rooms for the elderly it is important to reduce the risk of slips and falls as much as possible.
  • Potential injuries. For example, approximately 15,500 injuries requiring hospital treatment occur in the UK each year as a result of falls caused by slipping on wood floors. (Source: ROSPA, quoted in Birmingham Evening Mail, 23/08/2001, “DIY, warning after death”)
  • A major health problem for older people. Falling accidents can have many causes: dizziness, drop attacks, balance and gait problems, neurological and musculoskeletal problems, medications, confusion, visual impairments, etc. When older people fall, they often break bones because they have a weakness of the lower body.
  • With the anticipation of the growing number of older people, the number of hip fractures occurring worldwide will grow from an estimated 1.7 million in 1990 to 6.3 million by 2050.
  • Older people recover with difficulty from fractures.

Carpet eliminates slipping hazards. This is an essential requirement for obtaining the CE-mark.

Carpet has not only the lowest number of falls, but also the lowest risk of causing a fracture, when compared to other floor coverings. The fall impact depends on the thickness and the construction of carpet. Thicker floor coverings reduce the fall impact force by at least 7%, thus reducing the injuries.
(Source: Gardner et al., 1997, Med. Eng. & Physics, 20, 57-65)

Small children learn to walk more quickly on carpet, because it gives them a secure feeling.

Carpet can improve the movement of the elderly. A soft floor covering not only reduces the risk of slip and its consequences, but it also gives the elderly secure feeling.

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