Carpet benefits

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Carpet benefits

Noise and sound

Scientific studies confirm that “noise“ has a crucial influence on people’s well-being and health. Amongst other things, "noise" influences the ability to concentrate and, in extreme cases, may even cause pain and hardness of hearing.

A fitted carpet has excellent sound-absorbing properties, has been shown to reduce the transmission of impact noise and decreases both the noise level and the reverberation time (sound duration). Thus, carpets make a substantial contribution to noise reduction.


Thermal comfort

Textile floor coverings do not only give the optical impression of warmth. Due to their low thermal conductivity they also act as heat insulators. Therefore, direct floor contact prevents the foot heat from flowing off and the floor causes a pleasantly warm feeling.


Energy savings

The installation of fitted carpets helps to save energy. On the one hand, carpets act as thermal barriers, which means that the heat remains in the room and does not flow off. On the other hand, the temperature felt by residents has been shown to be 2°C higher than in rooms equipped with hard flooring. Both energy-saving effects reduce consumers’ heating costs.



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