Cleaning and Maintenance

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Keep it clean

Any floor needs to be cleaned regularly, and carpet is no exception. There are three good reasons to perform carpet maintenance:

  • The representative factor: people want to feel comfortable and welcome.
  • The economic factor: a good maintenance programme extends the lifeand initial appearance of carpet.
  • The hygienic factor: a well-maintained carpet has a positive influence onthe Indoor Air Quality.Carpet has considerable advantages over other floor coverings:

Carpet has considerable advantages over other floor coverings:

  • Its maintenance is easy and cost effective when executed regularly.
  • Carpet traps the dust, and keeps it from becoming airborne again. Butthat trapped dust needs to be removed. All thatís needed is a goodvacuum cleaner to retain the dust. A micro-filter (HEPA-filter) is recommended.
  • Unlike other floor coverings, no other cleaning products or tools arerequired to keep a carpet clean
  • Stains on carpet are no drama.Of course, with children running around or guests coming over for a party,the possibility of stains goes up. But todayís high performance of carpetfibres is such that stain removal is easy and effective in most cases. Moststains can be removed with tepid water.
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