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Check the GUT-License of your carpet

The GUT label is a persuasive argument for the consumer. Every year, hundreds of carpet types are checked by GUT. Only those products that meet the GUT standards obtain the GUT licence number. This licence number, which appears on the back of the carpet, indicates that it has been tested by a certified testing institute.

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5-digit numeric GUT license numbers!!

Please be aware that these numbers are no longer updated since January 2014. For questions about license numbers, please contact the GUT office in Aachen, we help you with pleasure

direct phone: +49 (0)241 96843410 

mail (at)



GUT's comprehensive product information system PRODIS. With the help of GUT/PRODIS you receive information about use classifications and environmental properties of your textile floor covering. The GUT/PRODIS licence number is a 8-digit alpha-numerical figure combination.

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Enjoy life with carpets

GUT enhances environmental and user-friendliness through the entire life-cycle of carpet, from production to installation, from usage to recycling.

Since the early1990s, the European carpet industry has taken the lead by creating GUT and by continuously raising its environmental standards. GUT members in the European carpet industry are committed to act in an environmentally responsible way.

They have signed “a contract with the environment.” In cooperation with officially recognised test houses across Europe, GUT continuously tests products against the highest standards. What’s more, GUT promotes environmentally friendly solutions for carpet installation and disseminates objective information on all carpet related  issues.

This is summarised in our slogan:

Carpets tested for a better living environment

The intensive product testing on chemicals and emissions is the basis to ensure consumer safety. Detailed information about the product-testing methods, the test criteria and the yearly controls can be found on the following pages.